Postcards from Tasmania

by Wiwid Howat

Tasmania has been and always will be one of our favourite local destination. Such a beautiful island with a completely different landscape from the mainland, it reminds us of England a lot. Since I moved to Australia in 2012, I have been to Tasmania 3 times and I keep falling more and more in love with this little island. 

Love - Wiwid - 

Shades of Pink

by Wiwid Howat

2016 has been a roller coaster ride for me, physically and mentally. So many decisions were made and I hope they were for the best. I am so looking forward to face this year, the travel, events, editorials and perhaps moving overseas??? 

Wiwid Xx

New Beginning

by Wiwid Howat

Sam and I welcomed 2016 with hot chips mixed with guacamole and salsa, as well as couple of cold apple ciders (alcohol free!) in Ashfield Park, while watching the glamorous Sydney fireworks across the Harbour Bridge and cityscape in the distance. It was very low-key compared to last year when we spent NYE in Paris! But we really enjoyed it, seeing neighbours and locals as well as it just being the two of us, which is what we enjoy the most.

Hat: Personal Collection | Top: The Editors Market | Dungarees: MANGO | Jeans: Luna Habit

Wiwid Howat X Witchery Fashion

by Wiwid Howat

My plan for this Winter's photo shoot was to make a collaboration with some of my favourite brands, and Witchery is one of them. Witchery had a beautiful range of styles this Winter and I chose this amazing sweater. I fell in love with the quality, how comfortable it is and don't get me started on the design - stunning! it has a beautiful strap all the way down the right-hand side. 

When we planned this shoot I wasn't sure about the location until I remember walking around Newtown area where all the graffiti is. I was overwhelmed by the art around there, and they fit perfectly with the outfit, but to choose which one was proving difficult! Then, as soon as I saw this wall with  "RESPECT" written on it, there was no doubt which one was my favourite. 

Winter With H&M

by Wiwid Howat

I am so excited to share with all of you, my Winter 2015 style collaboration with H&M. I couldn't resist after seeing this dress - the fabric, the colour and the silhouette, so so me! This year's Winter I decided to travel locally, finding shoot locations near where I am currently living. There are so many cute spots where I can take photos, and a lot of them are walking distance so Sam and I can spend more time producing high quality photos.

I'm wearing a headscarf from Cherry Blossoms Hijab (an emerging modest fashion brand from the UK), a dress by H&M (of course!), shoes by NineWest and a bag by ZARA. I love adding beautiful details such as these purple-ish roses, a very adorable necklace from Schmooks and Starbucks coffee to warm me up during the shoot.

Hey Look! Kangaroos...

by Wiwid Howat

Sam was really sweet this Autumn, he knew that his nagging wife loves Autumn so much, and he did some research and found a great place to celebrate Autumn. We visited this vineyard in the Central West with all the trees lining up, and we found the cutest things ever - kangaroos! They jumped away if you got too close to them, so I decided to use them as my background instead and it looks amazing! It is very rare to see wild kangaroos laying around in a group like that, so we were lucky to find them.

The Girl with The Red Bowler Hat

by Wiwid Howat

We stumbled upon this place by accident, but we were amazed the colours and as soon as we saw it, I asked Sam to take some snaps. I was wearing midi palazzo polka pants from ASOS and a cute red bowler hat, and I didn't forget to put on my new faves - Alex Perry sunglasses.

After about 20 minutes, the friendly security guard asked us to leave because we were not allowed to take pictures of the building. That was the first time ever after taking photos in Australia that I got kicked out, and it reminded me of Indonesia where you have to pay for everything just to take some photos.

Autumn in Melbourne

by Wiwid Howat

Some of you guys might know that Autumn is my favourite season of the year. Sam and I decided to go to Melbourne last Autumn to find some nice Autumn leaves. We found the perfect setting at Carlton Gardens, and the heritage-listed Royal Exhibition Building provided a magical backdrop to the park. It's worth checking out (at any time of year) if you are visiting Melbourne!

Wiwid in Wonderland

by Wiwid Howat

Welcome to the wonderland and vivid colours of Autumn in Mayfield Garden. Escape and imagine yourself to be somewhere different, and make sure to express yourself. Do not be scared of getting lost or wearing something crazy - be different and release your imagination!

Wind Conqueror

by Wiwid Howat

It’s been non-stop since I returned home from Europe. One weekend, Sam and I decided to fly down to Melbourne for a short getaway. It was the end of Summer but it was so windy and freezing – I know, I was grateful to even have any sun at all in Melbourne given how temperamental it is when it comes to weather. Plus, to me, any time spent in Australia is precious. Work hard, play hard, the wind and the cold weather of Melbourne could not stop me from capturing the moment on this bridge. 

Stream of Imagination

by Wiwid Howat

You cannot say you've visited Melbourne if you haven't visited Hosier Lane, where all the most imaginative pieces of graffiti are. You will be surprised to see a different collection of pictures and paintings each time you visit this lane, it's like endless stream of creativity. I have always loved Melbourne - it's very progressive, multicultural, and has a lot to offer. This time was special because after almost a year and a half, when I finally had a chance to come down to Melbourne again, my eyes could not stop staring at the big painting of Aboriginal boy (in the last picture) and I was so impressed with all the details that it brought tears to my eyes.

The Red Splash

by Wiwid Howat

During our stay in Victoria to visit the amazing Twelve Apostles, we decided to stay in a rural area of Victoria. It was so beautiful, secluded and close to nature, which are the things that we aim for - especially for us who live in the city of Sydney, these things are unnegotiable. Before we set off for our next adventure in Melbourne, we parked just outside our bungalow to capture some moments with the green surroundings. Wearing a vintage pink dress and with some red splashes here and there, produced a great contrast.

Sunset Dance

by Wiwid Howat

One of the reasons we came down to Melbourne was to see the Twelve Apostles. I really wanted to see the great stones lining up alongside the Great Ocean Road before they disappear - there are only eight left, and most of them are inaccessible and heavily protected by Australian government. Luckily there's one left standing which is openly accessible by the public. My jaw dropped as I walked closer to it, and as soon as the sun started to set, the magic began... 

Falling in Love

by Wiwid Howat

Autumn is my favourite time of the year. The colours and the weather are two of the things that you never get in other seasons. During autumn this year, Sam and I had a chance to visit Melbourne again for our second time, and these photos were taken in the Botanic Gardens.

I purchased this dress from Garypeppergirl biannual market at Terrigal, Central Coast. I fell in love with it straight away, and without realising, I grabbed it and could not let it go - but I was confused about how I was going to wear it since I am "the girl beneath the headscarf" hehehe. My plan was to cut the top and make it into a midi skirt, but Nicole Warne herself suggested that I keep it like that and wear something underneath it, or wear a cardigan on top so the "love" shape around the chest will be shown, because it looks so pretty.

As you can see, I took her ideas on board and I love it very much. I think it's one of my favourite styles ever!!! Thanks Nicole! Looking forward to your next market. Xx

A Company

by Wiwid Howat

I can't get enough of taking photos with the beach and the ocean since I moved to Australia, and I probably never will! Norah Head Beach up in the Central Coast is one of my favourites, accompanied by the legendary lighthouse, and the beautiful rocks by the beach were ashtonishing. After taking a stroll around I found some company - a cute dog kept running around, and Sam tried to fit it into the shots. 

Yellow Treasures

by Wiwid Howat

Summer time! The perfect time to enjoy the weather and natural surroundings. I'd heard a lot about the sunflower farms up in rural Queensland, so we headed up there for the weekend to see these beauties. I couldn't believe my eyes, I was so surprised by the vibrancy of the colours that stood out as far as the eye could see. It didn't take long for us to jump in and start taking some shots. I am wearing a beautiful long sky blue outer from Wearekindred and the lolly bag is from my capsule collection - stay tuned!


by Wiwid Howat

Seeing the Great Barrier Reef was on our bucket list (like so many others), so to celebrate Sam's birthday I decided to take him to Cairns. The sweat, the heat and the smell of the fresh ocean water were just so amazing and we couldn't wait to explore this little city up in Far North Queensland. 

We spent day 1 on a tropical forest and river tour organised by a local tour guide. We walked through the Daintree Forest, took a boat through crocodile-infested waters (that was one of the most incredible moments of my life) and visited a local beach.

Day 2 we both couldn't wait to get on a bigger boat which took us out to the middle of the ocean, where we got the opportunity to snorkel and dive down to see the Great Barrier Reef. Another magical moment happened in my life when I could see the beautiful reef under my feet and swim with all the tropical fishes. As you may wonder, I am a Fashion Blogger so yes I made sure to keep my favourite red nail polish on, hehehe.

Our last day was more relaxing - we were just walking and wandering around the city of Cairns, enjoying the piers and seeing the amazing boats.

You can check out more of the diving photos here, and I also made a video compilation of this special trip, which you can check out here.

Wiwid Howat X Missmarina

by Wiwid Howat

As well as Kamiidea, MissMarina signed up to sponsor me with their clothing for me to bring to Europe. The designs are so modest, with beautiful textures and patterns that make my heart tingle. Having MissMarina on board to support me was an amazing experience, because I never thought that I would get this opportunity. Wearing their clothes made me become a different girl, and that's the feeling that I really want every time I model for other designers. The feeling of being able to be a mature, feminine woman takes me by surprise every time I wear MissMarina. Thank you so much for being a part of my journey.