by Wiwid Howat

Seeing the Great Barrier Reef was on our bucket list (like so many others), so to celebrate Sam's birthday I decided to take him to Cairns. The sweat, the heat and the smell of the fresh ocean water were just so amazing and we couldn't wait to explore this little city up in Far North Queensland. 

We spent day 1 on a tropical forest and river tour organised by a local tour guide. We walked through the Daintree Forest, took a boat through crocodile-infested waters (that was one of the most incredible moments of my life) and visited a local beach.

Day 2 we both couldn't wait to get on a bigger boat which took us out to the middle of the ocean, where we got the opportunity to snorkel and dive down to see the Great Barrier Reef. Another magical moment happened in my life when I could see the beautiful reef under my feet and swim with all the tropical fishes. As you may wonder, I am a Fashion Blogger so yes I made sure to keep my favourite red nail polish on, hehehe.

Our last day was more relaxing - we were just walking and wandering around the city of Cairns, enjoying the piers and seeing the amazing boats.

You can check out more of the diving photos here, and I also made a video compilation of this special trip, which you can check out here.