Winter With H&M

by Wiwid Howat

I am so excited to share with all of you, my Winter 2015 style collaboration with H&M. I couldn't resist after seeing this dress - the fabric, the colour and the silhouette, so so me! This year's Winter I decided to travel locally, finding shoot locations near where I am currently living. There are so many cute spots where I can take photos, and a lot of them are walking distance so Sam and I can spend more time producing high quality photos.

I'm wearing a headscarf from Cherry Blossoms Hijab (an emerging modest fashion brand from the UK), a dress by H&M (of course!), shoes by NineWest and a bag by ZARA. I love adding beautiful details such as these purple-ish roses, a very adorable necklace from Schmooks and Starbucks coffee to warm me up during the shoot.