Love from Vienna

by Wiwid Howat

Vienna is a handsome, lively city, and pleases me exceedingly. That's what Frederic Chopin said about this beautiful city. A piece of my heart was left here because I met some of the most gorgeous girls that I've been in communication with since a couple of years before I came.

Samira, Asma and Hava were very kind enough to meet me in Vienna and show their city to me. I met Samira on facebook and we connected instantly, then adored each other on Instagram. Since then we have kept in touch and I finally got the chance to meet her in Vienna. She showed us around on our first day in Vienna, including a visit to the cute Cat Cafe (my heart melted instantly seeing all of those cats!). Even though I never met Samira before, seeing her for the first time didn't feel strange at all, it felt like I met my own sister from another mother. I adore her so much, her kindness and her personality make me look forward to go back to Vienna.

The next day I finally met Asma and Hava - I know them from their Instagram account @heretwoinspire that is constantly putting up hijabista's profiles from around the world to promote modest fashion. We had great chat over some Austrian punch (hot tea drink) about modest fashion around the world, and the challenges we face as Muslim women living in western countries.