MBFWA Sydney Fashion Week 2015

by Wiwid Howat

One of the biggest fashion events in Australia just hit Sydney again. I am so happy to be part of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia 2015. It's always exciting to see new designs full of creativity, and every year promises something different. 

Day 1 of MBFW, I am wearing a floral blouse from my favourite designer Akira Isogawa, skirt from Forever New, shoes from Asos Australia and the bag is a gift from the kind and pretty Mba Ajeng - she bought it from Egypt.

On day 1 I am expecting to see Akira, one of my favourite Australian designers who has an international reputation for his unique designs. I have adored his collections since I first saw him at Sydney Fashion Palette 2012.

I have always wanted to challenge myself to wear something more masculine, but I never had the guts to do it until I saw this jumpsuit from Zara which made my heart skip a beat! It does look masculine but at the same time, it has a low cut at the back which is one of my favourite styles at the moment. I adore every designer who creates a low back for women dresses, not only is it beautiful but it also gives a different feeling that you don't need a low, open cut at the front in order to look sexy - the other way around can also have the same impact.

As a girl with a headscarf, it is pretty challenging to wear a piece of clothing with a low back, because I have to make sure I wear the right colour and pattern of inner or outer in order to match. With the jumpsuit, I decided to use a long, pearl necklace for added effect, so the jumpsuit didn't look too boring and plain.

Day 2 of Sydney Fashion Week 2015 was the day to see Michael Losordo's latest collection. I have been researching and observing his past collections, and I like to call him "a man with a beautiful vision of women's backs" hehehe. So I wore this jumpsuit as a special dedication to him.

My last day at MBFWA 2015 was the chance to see the best that Sydney had to offer. Various designers with their latest collections, and you will see my eyes light up seeingAlice McCall's newest collection, hehehe.

The Canvas collection by Haryono Setiadi was very interesting, the simple short dress with a beautiful piece covering the front part looked fabulous.

All the very edgy and clean-cut pieces by Ellery were surprisingly liberating. I would never have thought a simple blazer could be modified in so many different and unique ways.

For this last day of MBFWA, I am wearing an oversized top from Ria Miranda's latest collection PUSAKO - one of my favourite designers. I'm always proud to wear her designs, and it has now become my routine to wear one of her pieces at every fashion week I attend.

Jogja Fashion Week 2013

by Wiwid Howat

What I need is an opportunity to let this hobby out of my brain. I had a dream to create a collection and join a fashion show since a long time ago, but I just couldn't find the right time. Jogja Fashion Week (JFW) is an annual event organised by Jogja State Government and has been very successful every year, bringing 85 designers locally and nationally and presenting more than 1000 outfits every year.

The reason why I was really interested in joining this fashion show was because most of my Muslim designers friends used this opportunity as a stepping stone to a bigger fashion show such as Indonesia Fashion Week and Jakarta Fashion Week. Some of my friends questioned why I want to be involved with a relatively small fashion week like JFW and not go straight to the bigger ones, but my thought at the time was to start with something small first and build up from there. Besides, a bigger fashion show has a more complicated curation process, and there was no guarantee whether I could make it or not.

The theme for this collection is "The Goddess of Java", it was inspired by my own heritage as a Javanese girl, the fabric (Batik) is hand-made and represents the politeness and softness of the people. My brand is about being modest, so I decided to combine the traditional and the religious side of it by putting a headscarf on.

Participating in JFW was was one of the most intense moments in my life, mainly because I had only 3 months to prepare the collections. The process of looking for the artist to hand-craft the fabric was the most difficult one, and also the process of designing kept changing. I was excited but a little bit overwhelmed with this opportunity and it made me so disorganised for the first couple of weeks, but thankfully I managed to calm down and plan carefully, then everything went well from there.

Before the fashion show, every designer must do a promotional photo shoot and press conference before the show. I was so happy to choose Afida Sukma as my photographer to do my campaign, and you can see the photos here

My husband had an important role in this as well. He has never doubted my crazy skill in fashion since the very beginning. He helped me a lot with the technical side (booking hotels, arranging the itinerary for our trip to Indonesia) and also he brings a balance in my life by bringing a little bit of logic into everything that I do.

Mercedes Benz Sydney Fashion Festival 2014

by Wiwid Howat

When I received an email from a friend that Sydney Fashion Festival 2014 is coming, I was so excited! I booked the tickets for 2 nights (25 and 27 September 2014). I wished that I could attend the festival every night but having a ful-time job plus classes made me think twice! I really wanted to see the Australian Designer parade that they prepared for this festival every night, and the most exciting part of this event was to see the collections that the fashion bloggers had chosen for the runway. The bloggers were Zanita, Sara, Kate, Margaret and Amanda.

Long story short - Flash back to when I was in Indonesia, I was inspired by Chiara Ferragni and Hana Tajima and I've been admiring them since I was 16. Then I found Nicole Warne and Zanita online, and it was such an amazing feeling to finally find something to aspire to. Their blogs are just amazing! Nicole in particular achieves fantastic quality in every single one of her photos, and story telling makes it worth reading every post.

On day 1, I am wearing Ria Miranda from head to toe. Daisy bag from  and ring from Jingga Pernik

On day 2, I am wearing a Basma K headwrap, Top from Kanzi, Skirt from Jenahara and my own collection of Lips bag that will be available soon on the website.

And of course all my makeup on the days from Wardah

After finding all the fashion bloggers who provided my inspiration, I've been addicted to reading all their posts to familiarise my self with the fashion blogging world. When I found Zanita's website I was thinking "OMG, this girlis just sooo meee, who wears whatever she feels like wearing, so cool and edgy. Moving to Australia and hoping that I would meet Nicole and Zanita was one of my dream, and I can't believe that I finally met Zanita at the Fashion Festival. It was pretty embarassing! I was speechless and I could not say anything. I had all these words in my brain that I'd been planning to say when I met them but it turned out to be an awkward and complete silence. The only thing I remember saying to her was "I love you" - Oh my God, Wiwid, what is wrong with you???

I hope that I can meet them all one day, and again and again and again, hehehehe

Hoping that maybe one day we can also do a project together.