Mercedes Benz Sydney Fashion Festival 2014

by Wiwid Howat

When I received an email from a friend that Sydney Fashion Festival 2014 is coming, I was so excited! I booked the tickets for 2 nights (25 and 27 September 2014). I wished that I could attend the festival every night but having a ful-time job plus classes made me think twice! I really wanted to see the Australian Designer parade that they prepared for this festival every night, and the most exciting part of this event was to see the collections that the fashion bloggers had chosen for the runway. The bloggers were Zanita, Sara, Kate, Margaret and Amanda.

Long story short - Flash back to when I was in Indonesia, I was inspired by Chiara Ferragni and Hana Tajima and I've been admiring them since I was 16. Then I found Nicole Warne and Zanita online, and it was such an amazing feeling to finally find something to aspire to. Their blogs are just amazing! Nicole in particular achieves fantastic quality in every single one of her photos, and story telling makes it worth reading every post.

On day 1, I am wearing Ria Miranda from head to toe. Daisy bag from  and ring from Jingga Pernik

On day 2, I am wearing a Basma K headwrap, Top from Kanzi, Skirt from Jenahara and my own collection of Lips bag that will be available soon on the website.

And of course all my makeup on the days from Wardah

After finding all the fashion bloggers who provided my inspiration, I've been addicted to reading all their posts to familiarise my self with the fashion blogging world. When I found Zanita's website I was thinking "OMG, this girlis just sooo meee, who wears whatever she feels like wearing, so cool and edgy. Moving to Australia and hoping that I would meet Nicole and Zanita was one of my dream, and I can't believe that I finally met Zanita at the Fashion Festival. It was pretty embarassing! I was speechless and I could not say anything. I had all these words in my brain that I'd been planning to say when I met them but it turned out to be an awkward and complete silence. The only thing I remember saying to her was "I love you" - Oh my God, Wiwid, what is wrong with you???

I hope that I can meet them all one day, and again and again and again, hehehehe

Hoping that maybe one day we can also do a project together.