by Wiwid Howat

It was wet and cold weather during our visit to Paris earler this year, but it didn't break my spirit or my commitment to take a beautiful photo with the grand lady of Paris behind me. Inspired by the beautiful Nicole Warne of Garypeppergirl, I decided to buy 10 balloons with different colours as a symbol of freedom. 

The world is going pretty crazy, especially after the Charlie Hebdo attack, and we as Muslims again got tarnished because these idiotst just won't go away. I and the majority of muslims are embarassed of, disgusted by and unconnected to these pieces of crud. I just hope people remember that when they leave their house because us head-covered women always cop the brunt of the reactions - verbally/physically attacked for no other reason than the fact that we are obviously and visibly Muslim. 

Violence and terrorism GOES AGAINST Islamic teachings. The majority of the Muslim community do not regard these idiots as obedient Muslims. So please do not confuse us with these very few bad eggs. Let's share our similarities and celebrate our differences.