My Tokyo Diary

by Wiwid Howat

Oh Lord! How do I begin? It was like a dream come true, everything is so magical. Finally, 20 years after I got just a taste, I had a chance to return and properly visit Japan. It has been a childhood dream for me not only because of the cherry blossoms, but also because I was born and raised in Indonesia where every weekend was spent enjoying anime movies and TV series. I have a great comic book collection at home and as I have grown older, my admiration of Japanese manga and anime has grown too.

As soon as we arrived in Tokyo, I laid out all of my clothes, started hanging them one by one and planned what to wear every day - that's how dedicated I am! Hahaha. We spent day 1 wandering around main tourist attractions such as Meiji shrine and Harajuku. On day 2, we went to Shibuya to experience the infamous crossing as well as do some shopping. Then, on day 3, we went to the place that I have been dreaming of since I can remember: Ghibli Studio! Hayao Miyazaki is one of my heroes and ever since he decided to retire, he decided to transform Ghibli Studio into a museum which is open to the public, so we can see behind the scenes of all his productions. The best word to describe it is "magic". You definitely have to try to visit if you are in Japan, even if you aren't an anime fan, but I have to warn you that it can be very difficult to get a ticket, so make sure you plan ahead and book it 3 months before you visit Tokyo. The Doraemon museum is also wonderful if you have spare time, but it's worth it only if you know it!

We decided to spend our last day in Tokyo in Shinjuku Gyoen right next to where we stayed, enjoying the cherry blossom. It was so beautiful, and you can see more pictures here and here. After the sun set, we decided to go to Mori Art Museum to see the best view of Tokyo at night, as you can see from my last picture. It was breathtaking, and I have promised myself to go back to Japan again, again, and again...