Jaw Dropped

by Wiwid Howat

When we arrived in Rome my heart was racing, so excited to explore this amazing, ancient city, full of amazing architecture and history. We were lucky to stay in an apartment in the middle of the city and everything within walking distance. Our plan today was to explore the city and visit the Vatican. My jaw dropped and I couldn't stop saying "amazing" all the time, my husband probably felt so sick of me always saying that, hehe.

If you visit Rome, you definitely have to visit the one and only Colosseum. Make sure you research first whether you want to explore it by yourself or with a tour guide. There will be a lot of them there offering tour service for different durations ranging from 1 hour up to 5 hours. Sam and I decided to explore it ourselves due to the short amount of time that we had in Rome as well as the freedom that it allowed us to take photos.

After the Colosseum, we headed to a neighboring country, Vatican City (officially, the Vatican City is an independent state, like a country within a country, but Sam disagree with me calling it a different country, hehehe). I was more excited to go to Vatican than Sam because every Christmas I've watched TV to see the live celebrations from Vatican and how amazing the buildings and paintings are, and now I have had a chance to look at it myself. Standing right below the mosaics inside St Peter's Basilica was just amazing! My jaw was dropped like it never dropped before.

Baby It is Raining Outside

by Wiwid Howat

Our last day in Rome was pouring with rain. Before we headed to the airport, we decided to have a wander around the city for a quick coffee. We were so disappointed (me especially - so embarrassing because I couldn't hold my tears) after we found out that the amazing Trevi Fountain was closed for maintenance. My husband took me the next day to the fountain in Piazza Navona nearby the apartment where we stayed, which I know isn't as amazing as Trevi Fountain, but I was quite happy because it was still beautiful. I wish we had more time in Rome because this city is such a great city to explore, I know the traffic is pretty crazy but it has amazing architecture and is easy to walk around in (just make sure you look twice before crossing the road!!).