The Chain Bridge

by Wiwid Howat

The amazing Chain Bridge is categorised one of the 'must-visit' bridges in the world by reputable Australian travel website, and is located in the heart of the beautiful city of Budapest. Sam really loves this city,  and so do I - there's something about it that will invite you to explore it, and not want to leave. I call it a charm that you can find in Eastern Europe cities but cannot find in Western part of Europe.

The food was amazing... the goulash and duck pancakes we had were some good examples of the beauty of the Hungarian cuisine. The city itself was relatively accessible and easy to walk around, and you will discover a unique mixture of socialist and capitalist influences that you can't find in Western European cities.

Postcard from Budapest

by Wiwid Howat

Winter hat by Forever New, Top by Cotton Ink, Mini Skirt by Zara, Shoes by Zara

Location: Hungary Parliament and Buda Castle

I have been falling in love with the Eastern side of Europe ever since I watched The Sound of Music which was shot it in Salzburg, Austria. I was always wanted to explore the Eastern European countries, because people mostly talk about the Western side of Europe and how beautiful the countries are. When we devised this plan to spend a month in Europe, I told Sam that I want to include Budapest, Hungary as one of the cities to visit during the trip and he agreed, not only that but he ended up loving it as well. He said he hopes that we can go back there again and stay longer.