by Wiwid Howat

I really wanted to see New Zealand, everyone always says what an inspirational place it is. The land of beauty as far as your eyes can see. New Zealanders are a friendly, relaxed people. They welcome visitors and enjoy sharing the country's beauty and lifestyle. There is only one word for it: EPIC!

We decided to stay in Queenstown for 5 days and then Mount Cook for 2 days before flying to Auckland from Christchurch. We almost always use AirBnB whenever we go travelling around the world - it is very reliable, as long as you check out the reviews as well as doing some deep research about the area :)

I always believe that nature defines who and what we are and no more so for any other nation than New Zealand. I hope my photos do it justice.

Do not hesitate to shoot me an email if you would like to get more recommendations of places to stay, visit, walk around, things to do, etc. 

Love, Wiwid