Getting Older

by Wiwid Howat

As I am getting older I reflect on so many things that happened to me in the past and try to learn from them. I realise that I am getting more mature in making decision and in thinking ahead, especially when I am facing problems and difficulties. I used to be very panicked and so stressed about them, but now I am more calm and try to sit back while finding a solution.

As Sam and I have aged we have managed to tackle many obstacles, and we finally decided that this is the time for us to settle our relationship to the next level, baby perhaps??? I don't know... it can mean anything really but this time we both feel so right about things and discussed all the possibilities as well as making sure everything is ready, mentally and physically. What I can say now is, we both are very looking forward for the many years to come and here's to many more laughs and adventures ahead!!! Xx Wiwid