Radio Interview with 2SER

by Wiwid Howat

Another example of how Instagram helps to expand your networks and opportunities. When Angela Parajo (Radio Interviewer) from 2SER Radio contacted me wanting to do an interview about my website and fashion style, I was so crazily excited, I was thinking it would be fun to do radio interview and would be valuable experience as well.

I had extra motivation to do this interview because it was recorded not long after PM Tony Abbott initiated the "Burqa Ban" in Parliament House. As you would all know, it became a hot topic and lots of people were talking about how Muslim women should dress in public. I find it bizarre that we should try to dictate how other people dress, given that Australia is supposed to be a free country. I was more than happy to do the interview because I wanted to give listeners my view on how Muslim women dress themselves. I emphasised that more than anything else, it's our choice.

A few tips from me if you are asked to do a media interview:

1. Ask for the questions in advance. It is really good to know the kind of questions that they will ask so you can answer them properly and filter if necessary.

2. Give them some draft answers, and make sure you ask for feedback.

3. Make sure to ask them to consult with you first before the interview is published.

You can hear my interview with them here.