Annisa Magazine

by Wiwid Howat

From the first time I started blogging, I had a dream to be featured in magazines. It's such an incredible feeling for someone out there recognise and appreciate your work. I approached many magazines and it came out with a surprising result. One of leading Indonesian Muslimah magazines called Annisa Magazine contacted me via email, and asked me to contribute to their rubric called "Travel in Styles" for a total of 4 pages! Yup you heard me, FOUR PAGES!!!

They wanted me to create 7 days of travel with 7 different looks. I found it really challenging but exciting at the same time because while I don't categorise my self as a Travel Blogger, I have to prove to them that I can do this. They gave me a few weeks to write an article about it as well as the photo shoot.

First thing that I did was categorise which places I wanted to go to, then after that I picked the clothes, accessories and shoes for each day, and chose the right time to do the shoots. I don't like to take photos in places that are too crowded, because you will end up with people watching you. Some people might enjoy it but I personally do not like it unless it's done by professionals.

The purposes for this article was to promote Sydney as tourist destination for Indonesians to visit, as well as to reach a broader readership for Annisa Magazine. 

Page 1: 

- Location: Harbour Bridge

- What I wore: My own collection

Page 2:

- Location: Sydney Botanic Gardens and Bondi Beach

- What I wore: Scarf by Kaffah and outer by Dian Pelangi

Page 3:

- Location: Auburn Gallipoli Mosque

- What I wore: Ria Miranda

Page 4:

- Location: Blue Mountains and Madamme Tussaud Sydney

- What I wore: Dian Pelangi