Global Media Coverage 2015

by Wiwid Howat

This year has been a blessing for me and my baby (my website), with it growing up smoothly since it's launch in January this year. I can not believe how warm the welcoming from the media has been. When ID Magazine approached me to have an interview, I was so excited and could not believe it because I had been adoring this magazine for a long time due their progressiveness and quirkiness. After that, it seemed like other opportunities kept coming up from different publications, with one of the biggest being from Buzzfeed Australia. I was especially relieved about that one, because earlier in the year I got an email from Buzzfeed America for an interview, but due to some incorrect settings for my new email address (, I only saw it 5 days later, and when I responded they told me that they'd already got the material they needed. I remember I cried because I knew it would have been be a big thing for me and my career as a blogger, until then I realised it was not meant to be and I believed other opportunities would come for me.

Guess what??? Not long after that I got an email from Marie Claire Australia again! Yes, again! they wanted to put my profile in their magazine as one of their "7 Muslim Fashion Blogger We Love" standing right next to Ascia AKF, Dina Torkia, Zulfiye from The Hijab Stylist, Haute Hijab, Anam Shaheed and Zahra Sandberg. I was so honoured and felt really humble working with this great magazine twice this year.

Since then, all other international publications have started to pay attention to my blog, even unexpectedly from some traditionally less progressive ones like the Daily Mail UK. It was quite something, and I was looking forward to seeing it online and reading all the responses; and as Sam and I predicted, as much as the article was very positive, some of the written responses are the funniset to read! I am so glad that all these media have shown appreciation and given me very positive feedback for my blog.

I've been emailed by various people with links, telling me they found me online, here and there. I was curious so I started to open those links, and I was amazed to see that a lot of them are in different languages (Italian, French, Albanian, Chinese, Brazilian, Spanish etc) so you might need a translator when you read them! Click on the pictures for the link to read more.