Marie Claire Australia January 2015

by Wiwid Howat

Some of you might know that Fashion blogging and designing has been my passion and medicine to escape from my previous studies and career in politics. I am so happy that I have a partner who always supports me in what I am doing. At the moment I am juggling between blogging, designing and working full-time. It is hard sometimes but I am really enjoying it and trying to allocate my time so I can do all of them perfectly.

A few months ago, I received an email from a freelance journalist who wanted to interview me for some project, but after quickly replying to her, I haven't heard anything since. A few weeks after that, I received an email from another freelance Journalist called Fiona Macdonald, who some of you might recognise from her work with various magazines and interviews with some amazing people. When she mentioned that she would like to interview me for Marie Claire Australia, instead of replying to her straight away I was jumping all around at my office, and I called my husband straight away, who sounded really happy for me as well.

Fiona and I had a long chat on the phone and discussions through email about the topic and the story that I would like to share with Marie Claire. I never thought that I would have a picture in the magazine as well, until Robyn Hynes (Photo Editor, Marie Claire Australia) emailed me wanting to organise a time to do a photo shoot - I was so beyond happy.

Arrive at the location, I was welcomed by the photographer Tomasz Machnik, the make-up artist Georgia Hull, and the stylist Jane Roarty. Straight into make-up, there were lots of questions about my background and my career as a fashion blogger that I was happy to answer. The photographer was doing a fantastic job of keeping me entertained and laughing, and he was very interactive while directing the photo shoot. The stylist chose an amazing hand-beaded dress for me to wear - the first time I saw it, I was so amazed by how complicated the beads were and so happy to put it on.

This issue was just released on Thursday, 4 December 2014, and it is worth owning because you will see other amazing stories from women all around the world. This is what I love so much about Marie Claire, in every issue it is not only about fashion, but always has inspiring stories that you would never have imagined. Plus you will get a free sunglasses to enjoy this summer!

You can also read it online here