Power House Museum Sydney

by Wiwid Howat

Muslim Fashion is emerging at the moment and is predicted to get bigger and bigger in the next few years. This trend was beautifully captured by Powerhouse Museum (PHM) in Sydney, which held an exhibition about Muslim Fashion called "Faith, Fashion, Fusion". I remember I had literally just moved to Australia when they launched it, and I was so excited to see it because everyone had been talking about it.

As a Fashion Blogger, I document all of my trips and styles on social media (Instagram, Twitter and my website). This prompted one of the curators at PHM to invite me to feature in their campaign to promote the exhibition. They wanted to include me on their website in a rubric called "Sartorial Story" with other Muslim and modest fashion bloggers and designers. I was more than happy to do that because it became a stepping stone for me to introduce and promote my work in Australia only about 2 months after I moved.

Until now, the exhibition has been promoted all around Australia and is still going.  You can check out my Sartorial Story here.