Sydney Morning Herald

by Wiwid Howat

It was a random night, after work and I was about to have dinner with my hubby. I remember the dinner was Spaghetti Bolognaise. I was in my work room and my husband called "Darling, dinner is ready". I decided to quickly check my email before eating, and I saw an email from someone called Zohra Aly. She introduced herself as a freelance journalist writing for the Sydney Morning Herald (SMH) and looking for some muslim fashion bloggers to be featured in a SMH article. She found me through Instagram and she asked me to be part of her article along with other bloggers from Melbourne (Zulfiye), a curator, consultant as well as author Tasneem Chopra.

I was so honored to be part of it, I would never have imagined myself being in SMH. I received an email from the SMH Photo Editor Tegan Sadlier to arrange a photo shoot with their photographer Nick Cubbin. We decided to have the shoot in the Paddington area which is my favourite suburb.

I brought 2 different outfits for the shoot, both of them from my wardrobe A.K.A my own private stuff (there were no fancy designer clothes, hehehe). When I was preparing the outfits, I was just thinking I would love to portray 2 different sides of me - the feminine side with a long skirt, and lady-like outfit but with sneakers, which is my favourite.

I ended up bringing my long white skirt with a floral top and paired it with red scarf for my first outfit. For the second outfit, I wore a blazer from Bershka that I got from HijUp and a tutu midi skirt with floral sneakers.