Dessert with Dior

by Wiwid Howat

Christian Dior once said "happiness is the secret to all the beauty; there is no beauty without happiness". This is what exactly Dior aspires to create for all women in the world - not only through beautiful craftsmanship, but also with a delicious dessert cafe and very high quality food! I was so lucky to have the opportunity to visit and see all the pieces, exhibitions and then end up on the rooftop enjoying a beautiful dessert. Seriously, if I had 5 thumbs I would use all of them because 2 thumbs up are not enough! My recommendation is definitely the Lemon cake, but you can’t go wrong with anything!

Checking in from Seoul

by Wiwid Howat

Hello from the beautiful Seoul, the capital city of South Korea!!! Sam and I stayed here for 4 days and explored many historic landmarks such as Gyeongbokgung Palace (while dressed in Hanbok), visited the famous Ihwa mural village in the hills and enjoyed dinner at Namsan Tower. If you have been following me on my Instagram, you have probably already seen many of my adventure photos long before they have been uploaded to my blog. I try so hard not to fall behind in updating my blog, but having a full-time job makes it really hard to stick to deadlines - I wish I could have assistant writer, hehehe.

 It was such an interesting experience visiting Korea, with the mixture between the traditional side (as you can see from these beautiful palaces) and modern side that you see through their K-pop culture, and what makes this city so lively is that the modern side is more dominant. What amazed me was how physically beautiful the people are there; they are very conscious of their appearance and aspire to look ‘perfect’!

I had a long lists of places that I wanted to go to, but I had to be realistic because 4 days (including travel time) are not enough, especially when the places are quite far from each other. This is a good excuse for me to return to Korea in the future!