Baby It's Cold Outside

by Wiwid Howat

Sam and I planned this Europe trip 6 months earlier. We booked our flights with Cathay Pacific and most of the apartments that we booked were with AirBnB, which I would love to recommend because are a little bit cheaper and more economical than hotels.

Day 1 in Bern, Switzerland in winter time was really darn cold! We only discovered that the city is actually at the base of the Alps when we were on the way to Venice on the train. We stayed in a decent apartment near the KornhausbrΓΌcke bridge, and if you wanted to walk to the city, there was a footbridge called Altenbergsteg.

I loved walking along this river, the view was spectacular and so quiet, especially in the morning when you would occasionally see people walking along holding their coffees and walking with their dogs. I am wearing a blazer from House of Laiqa and a scarf from Dian Pelangi.