Basel I am in Love

by Wiwid Howat

After spending a day in London, we landed in Basel, Switzerland. We knew we only had 2 hours transit time before heading to Bern (the capital city of Switzerland) where we planned to spend our holiday in Switzerland. We straight went to the tourist information centre to get the best options for exploring this beautiful city in such a short amount of time. We went to the Muenster Cathedral to see the beautiful architecture and a close-by Christmas market called "Weihnachtsmarkt" selling home-made products.

Then we head to the "Mittlere Rheinbruecke" which - according to the girl in the tourist information centre - is the oldest bridge in Switzerland. I can hardly believe what my eyes have seen, it was so old and magnificent.

Although it only felt like seconds, the 2 hours were soon up, but on the way to the train station we got to stroll around the middle of the city where we saw the beautiful "Rathaus".

Switzerland is definitely one of my favourite countries, and I would love to come back and stay for a longer time in Basel.